Packaging films

Introducing ACG packaging films. 
Keeping your products safely under wraps.

Our comprehensive portfolio comprises speciality packaging films, and high and ultra-high barrier films of pharmaceutical grade. Controlling the entire manufacturing process from the resin stage all the way through to calendaring and slitting – we ensure consistent quality and traceability of every batch.

Our packaging film range at a glance.


TypeProductKey feature
Ultra-high barrier packaging film


Ultra-high barrier PVdC film

Provides an exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier

ACG Aclar® Laminates

Ultra-high barrier PCTFE film

An advanced packaging option for highly sensitive drug products
High barrier packaging film


Multi-layered PVC/PE/PVdC film

Suitable for deep- and large-cavity blister packs


PVC film coated with high-performance PVdC

Provides a moderate to high barrier against moisture and oxygen


Dependable PVC blister film

An ideal packaging material for stable formulations
Speciality packaging film

Alukbliss TM

PVC-based aluminium-look thermoform film

Offers excellent shelf stand-out while ensuring dent-free blisters


Anti-counterfeiting and brandable film

Differential-grated embedded image film, perfect for brand stand out and brand protection

Unidose TM

Unit dose packaging film

For single-use packaging of liquid and semi-liquid pharmaceuticals

Suppose TM

Laminated film for suppositories

Withstands high-temperature filling and ensures tight sealing

Make our packaging materials your own.

With innovation and customer-service at the heart of everything we do, we’ve designed our packaging materials to be easily modified and customisable. This means we can help create films that are opaque, coloured, printed, or given pretty much any other finish you like.