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ACG is committed to building a healthier future – not just for our business, but also for the planet and each of our Associates. That’s why we aim to create a meaningful and fulfilling work environment that offers great career opportunities.

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Crafting your career

Aim for the moon, and we'll help you get there!

We believe that opportunities do not knock at your door only once, and you have the power to create your own opportunities to grow. At ACG, we help you craft your career vision and partner with you to achieve it together. Our progressive career architecture framework helps you explore opportunities anywhere within the organisation – across businesses and geographies. Whether it's a business head, project manager, or domain specialist role – we enable you to unlock your potential wherever you want to grow.


Differential role exposures

We curate developmental journeys based on career aspirations.

We believe in providing different role experiences and exposures to associates by offering opportunities through role rotations, cross-functional stints, and project-based opportunities across the organisation.


Progressive talent reviews.

A fair and equitable experience for all our associates.

We have in place rigorous and progressive talent review practices closely championed by our business leaders. There are talent committees set up across businesses to drive our talent strategy. The intent is to create an ambient ecosystem which would nurture everyone to grow up to their fullest potential and move closer to achieving their aspirations. At ACG, the career track and performance of each associate are closely monitored, and through regular career conversations, we collaborate with the associates in crafting their own development journey.

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Culture and values

Learn about the principles at the centre of our culture.


Diversity, equity and inclusion

Everyone is welcome at ACG. We pride ourselves on it.


Learning and development

Recruiting talent is one thing. Developing it is another.

You can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet.

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