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ACG’s advanced blister-packaging range provides cutting-edge solutions to meet diverse pharmaceutical packaging needs. Our offerings encompass high-performance machines, guaranteeing adaptability for various packaging materials such as thermoforming films and cold-form foils. Meanwhile, precision-driven machines equipped with the latest servo technology ensure robust forming and sealing capabilities, delivering enhanced speed and accuracy. Additionally, we offer a secure containment option that prioritises operator safety, particularly for highly potent pharmaceutical ingredients. Moreover, our compact and versatile machines excel in short-run and small-batch blister-pack production, accommodating various configurations and materials.


Powered by the latest servo technology, BMAX PLUS improves accuracy, speed, reliability and control significantly – making it our most versatile and efficient packaging machine yet.
BMAX Plus Product Shot


BQS is a flat-sealing, continuous-motion machine fully capable with the full range of thermoform films and cold-form packaging foils.
BQS Product Shot


A platen-sealing, continuous-motion blister packaging machine, the BQS E features an enclosure option that ensures a safe packaging environment for solid dosage forms.
BQSE Product Shot


ACG’s MINIBLIS is a compact, flat-forming, flat-sealing intermittent-motion machine that supports the production of all configurations of blisters, including thermoforming films and cold-form foils.
Miniblis Product Shot


The MINIBLIS PLUS is a fully versatile flat-forming, flat-sealing intermittent-motion machine capable of packaging sensitive products in all forms of blister packs in short-run and small production batches.
Miniblis Plus Product Shot


A robust tabletop cGMP-compliant blister packaging machine ideal for clinical trials, feasibility and stability studies, QUEST NANOBLIS is compact, lightweight and portable.
Quest Nanoblis Product Shot


A containment solution for drug products that belong to the HPAPI category, SECUREBLIS MINI is designed specifically to comply with OEB 3, ensuring operators’ utmost safety.
Secureblis mini Product Shot

BP 105MF

BP 105MF is the ideal blister packaging machine for the cost-conscious, and features unique single-drum technology for full operational flexibility.
BP 105MF Product Shot

BP 450AD

A deep-cavity blister packaging machine for ampoules, vials, pre-filled syringes, tubes, and combination packs of syringes and ampoules
BP 450 AD Product Shot


CARTOBLIS DD is a cost-effective deep-draw blister-packaging machine that integrates seamlessly with online cartoning machines in various layout configurations.
Cartoblis DD Product Shot

BP 102

A compact, high-performance, cost-effective blister-packaging machine with robust rotary-forming and sealing technology.
BP 102 Product Shot

Format parts

ACG blister format parts are produced to the highest quality standards. As OEMs of many of the industry’s top blister packaging machines – our parts are the best fit, by far.
Format Parts Better Seal Product Shot

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