No other oral dosage supplier in the world provides the diversity of tablet manufacturing products and services that ACG does – from tablet compression and packaging equipment, to packaging materials, to vision inspection systems and supply chain traceability solutions.

Of course, having a single source of supply has obvious benefits: ease of doing business, for example, or productivity related to equipment and consumables that are designed to work together.

Less apparent, though perhaps more important, is that having been involved in all aspects of pharma and nutra manufacturing since 1962, only ACG can provide holistic and pragmatic guidance on improving productivity and efficiencies across an entire process.

So, if you are thinking of building a new tablet line, or expanding an existing one, then you should probably speak with us before you. We’re always happy to share our knowledge.


High shear mixers, fluid beds, fluid bed combos and integrated granulation trains.

acg engineering

Tablet compression

Single-rotary and double-rotary presses, with interchangeable turrets and tooling options.

acg engineering

Tablet coating

Horizontal airflow perforated drum coaters, featuring our proprietary nozzle.

acg engineering

Packaging materials

The world’s biggest range of both films and foils.

acg packaging materials

Blister packaging

Flat forming–flat sealing, and rotary forming–rotary sealing blister machines and format parts.

acg engineering

Vision inspection

Inspection systems for tablets, packaging, and codes and labels.

ACG inspection


Continuous and intermittent carton packaging machines.

acg engineering

Supply chain traceability

Carton serialisation, 360° referencing, aggregation, bottle serialisation, traceability software.

acg inspection

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