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Easy to use.

Setting up Smart Connected couldn’t be easier – simply plug-and-play:

01 Install

A sensor is put in place to detect your machinery and establish a gateway for the connection.

02 Connect

Once the sensor is in place, we help you connect to the Smart Connected device. Since this is a cloud-based software solution, we’ll need to connect with your Wi-Fi just as you would a new internet connection.

03 Display

Now your machine is up and running you’ll want to visualise the results. Simply download our app on your smart phone or download our platform on your PC and get started.

Easy to understand.

Once Smart Connected is installed, it will start transmitting machine health-related data in an easy to digest format. The Smart Connected user interface will translate this data for you to monitor all kinds of machine settings, Key Performance Indicators and trend visualisations. You will also receive alerts and reports to keep you updated. 

We understand how important your data is to you and we take every possible precaution to protect its privacy.

Instant benefits

As soon as Smart Connected is installed, you can start to visualise the game-changing data that will give unparalleled insight into the capabilities of your machine. From there, you can begin optimising daily performance and put strategies in place for achieving ongoing equipment efficiency.


24-hour monitoring

Real-time monitoring of machine health and performance via an easy-to-use dashboard.


Health management

Maintain machine health by automated monitoring and predictive checks to alert potential failures.


Performance optimisation

We utilise AI along with our experts’ practical knowledge and historical data to optimise production processes and improve quality control.


Expert collaboration

Smart connected is more than a product, it’s a solution. It comes with a whole ecosystem of support to help you achieve maximum equipment efficiency, including data analysts, machine experts and pharma specialists with decades of global industry knowledge.

Customer success story

Zydus Lifesciences

With the help of Smart Connected solution, Zydus Lifesciences, managed to improve OEE and win an award in the process. Having implemented Smart Connected solution on their BQS blister packaging machine, Zydus succeeded in achieving zero losses due to minor stoppages. The results were so notable that they entered the 46th National Kaizen Competition, a cross-industry competition for performance evaluation.

Better connection means better performance.

With Smart Connected, you will have everything available to you to maintain and optimise the health and performance of your machine, at the touch of a button. You will also benefit from the proactive service of your ACG Subject Matter Experts to increase overall equipment effectiveness.


Improved productivity


Less unplanned downtime


Optimal parameters


Greater customer trust

Why ACG?

As trusted pharma partners, we bring you a solution that has been developed not only with software specialists, but pharma industry specialists – experts who have developed and maintained machines on production floors, all over the world, for decades. We know our machines better than anyone, and now we invite you to get to know our machines too. Together, we can take equipment efficiency to the next level. 






Let’s talk – so we can help your machines start talking.

Is there more that you could be doing to get the best out of your machines?

Get in touch to find out how ACG and Smart Connected can help you maintain machine health and fast track performance optimisation.

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