ACG is deeply committed to fostering a working environment that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a fundamental aspect of our culture. We promote a sense of belonging for everyone at ACG, and work tirelessly to provide a space where every Associate feels valued and respected. To this end, we’ve have established Spectrum – our DEI wing – to focus on promoting gender and generational diversity throughout the company.


Spectrum is built on five pillars:

Policies and processes

ACG understands that these are the very foundation of fair and inclusive organisations, so we review and update our policies regularly to ensure they are fully effective and support the progress and profiles of under-represented groups. Our recent changes to talent acquisition and leave policies, such as the introduction of differential referral rewards for selecting female Associates and enhanced paternity leave for adoption or surrogacy scenarios, reflect our commitment to creating a genuinely equitable workplace.

Associate lifecycle touchpoints

These are vital to ensuring a consistent and inclusive experience for all Associates. So we apply ‘people practices’ across talent-identification, hiring, onboarding, performance management, retirement/separation, engagement and well-being, and talent management. In doing so, we create an environment that supports all backgrounds, and ensures fairness throughout people’s careers at ACG. 

Capability building

We seek to steer all Associates’ beliefs and behaviours towards greater inclusion. Through initiatives that confront gender bias and ageism, and programmes that encourage and support women's leadership ambitions, plus inclusive hiring training for managers, we empower Associates to embrace diversity.

Fostering communities

ACG focuses on building affinity groups for different ages and genders. We see this as essential to creating a safe and empowering environment for underrepresented groups. For example, through MOSAIC, we provide ways for women at ACG to bring about change, and for us to advocate inclusivity across our operations and locations.


Communication is vital to building awareness and trust in our commitment to inclusivity. Through various channels, including DEI newsletters, internal/external branding, intranet communications and MOSAIC Charcha group sessions, we keep Associates informed and engaged in our DEI journey.

In essence, Spectrum embodies ACG’s dedication to achieving and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace – one where everyone has an opportunity to thrive, and to contribute to a culture that embraces difference and supports the individual.

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