Wherever in the world there’s a medicine cabinet, we’re almost certainly somewhere inside it.

Founded in Mumbai in 1961, ACG now serves pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies all over the world, and touches almost every aspect of solid dosage manufacturing – from providing capsules, to manufacturing machinery and equipment, to protective packaging materials, to traceability solutions.

We believe that our integrated view of manufacturing is the best approach to marrying seamless production with fully accountable service, and ultimately ‘making it better’.

Everyone on Earth deserves access to good medicine, and ACG is focused on working collaboratively with its partners to create a healthier world.

60+ years of innovation

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NBJ Global Markets Overview - Q&A with Rafael Costa

NBJ Nutrition Business Journal

Leading sales across North and South America for the mammoth contract manufacturer ACG, Rafael Costa keeps his feet on the ground in two hemispheres and a wide range of markets faced with a wide range of economic conditions and regulatory systems. We asked him for his quick thoughts on what he sees going on for supplements, looking south from the U.S.

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2023 pharma predictions

Pharma manufacturing

The pandemic continued to affect supply chains, inflation was at a recent all-time high, and FDA approvals hit a five-year low. The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law back in August, promising to limit the pharma industry’s pricing power.

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Looking into the OSD Crystal Ball: Industry Experts Reflect on Opportunities & Challenges in '23 & Beyond

Tablets & Capsules

The Future of Quality in ManufacturingThe next decade will see pharmaceutical companies change their manufacturing ecosystems with emphasis on product quality, speed to market, efficiency, waste reduction, cost containment and skill retention to meet regulatory and consumer demands.

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