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Manufactured to ensure an exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier, by coating pharmaceutical-grade PVC with Solvay’s premium PVdC Diofan® Super B.


Key features

  • Provides unmatched barrier protection against oxygen and moisture
  • Offers barriers against any external aromas or flavours
  • Requires no specific tooling modifications, forms well in different packaging lines, and achieves high yield
  • Excellent thermoformability allows high pill density and smaller pack sizes
  • Smaller blister packs mean less storage space and increased transport efficiency
  • Available in a wide range of colours


Technical specifications

VariantStructure (µm)
Ultrasafe Tripac250 PVC/25 PE/90 PVdC Ultrasafe
250 PVC/25 PE/120 PVdC Ultrasafe
250 PVC/25 PE/180 PVdC Ultrasafe
250 PVC/25 PE/240 PVdC Ultrasafe*
250 PVC/25 PE/360 PVdC Ultrasafe*
Ultrasafe Dupac250 PVC/90 PVdC Ultrasafe
250 PVC/120 PVdC Ultrasafe
250 PVC/180 PVdC Ultrasafe
250 PVC/240 PVdC Ultrasafe*
250 PVC/360 PVdC Ultrasafe*

Also available in PVC/PVdC Ultrasafe/PVC


* MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) details on request.

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