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Asst. Manager-ProductionTarapur, India8+

Job Id : J201809M060022

Company : Custom Capsules Pvt. Ltd.

Grade : M06

Qualification : BE in Mechanical/DME

Job Responsibilities:

* Responsible for planning and overall machine manufacturing (Machining and assembly) and maintenance of machines. * Ensure resources to functional department for smooth running of all manufacturing and SCM activity at machine division. * He should know different machining processes like milling, turning, grinding, spot welding etc. * He should have knowledge of sheet metal work i.e. laser cutting, press work, buffing, polishing etc. * He should be planned systematic and alert. Have proactive working style in identifying production bottlenecks well in time. * Guide team to improve OEE at CNC section by providing resources to keep uptime of machine available for production. * He should be able to do shop planning, control production and maintain proper records * Guide stores officers to improve storage and enhance capacity for stores a material.

Key Competencies Required: