Quality Stories


We now produce capsules with zero human intervention. Our “No Touch” process automates the transfer of capsules between each step during manufacturing. We’ve integrated every stage of production—from capsule forming through to printing, inspection, and packaging. Our latest continuous manufacturing process increases product quality, reduces costs, and increases production flexibility.

Films & Foils

Our films and foils are inspected using advanced continuous process camera systems at the key coating, calendaring, and slitting stages of manufacture. This ensures product consistency and quality. A heavy investment in superior coating technologies and materials also builds our unrivaled reputation for high-quality products that can be used with confidence on any blister packing machine


Our engineering support teams have in-depth knowledge about the equipment and the materials being used for capsule, tablet, and blister pack manufacturing. That’s why more and more customers are purchasing integrated equipment, empty capsule, and film and foil solutions. This ensures the consistency and quality of every capsule and tablet manufactured and packaged.


At ACG Inspection, committing to quality includes providing high speed, reliable inspection solutions for a wide range of quality control applications in the pharma and allied industries. We apply the same demanding standard to the inspection and Track & Trace system and software solutions we build for our customers.