For customers who source capsules from us, we offer an integrated range of capsule filling, inspection, blister packaging, and cartoning machines. We also provide quotations based on combination capsule and machine solutions on very attractive terms.


With our state-of-the-art foil coating line, we can offer the widest range of film and foil products. Because of this, you can source your blister packing film and foil materials from a single supplier. Our expertise and extensive product range also help provide the ideal match of film and foil products for each packaging application.


We offer an integrated product suite to the capsule and tablet-based product manufacturers at every stage of the process. Everything for capsules from filling to inspection, everything for tablets from granulation to tablet forming and coating, everything for packaging for both capsules and tablets, we offer a wide range of blister packaging and cartoning solutions.


We’re integrating our VeriShield Track & Trace and Inspection solutions into our ever-increasing range of machines. With this, you can enjoy benefits like increased solution integration, fewer suppliers to work with, and a cohesive support team.