Cost optimization stories


ACG Capsules help you manage production costs by offering both stable long-term prices and price competitive positioning. This philosophy in addition to our vast product range and complete focus on quality are compelling reasons for us being the preferred manufacturer worldwide.

Films & Foils

Our films are carefully structured to minimize shrinkage during blister packing. This increases yield and helps minimize packaging material usage. And with our superior manufacturing controls, we can achieve consistent coating levels. This delivers higher barrier performance at a lower cost per “blister cavity” during the packaging process.


Our process and packaging machine support teams are experts in advising you during each stage of the manufacturing process. Increasing yields, improving efficiencies, and reducing change over times, all help control manufacturing costs and reduce material and power consumption. Comprehensive training program ensures this experience is shared with your team.


Our inspection system is designed to help you control and track product quality. These include reduced reject and scrap rates, minimizing expensive recalls, and improving their reputation for delivering a consistent quality product. Our Track & Trace solutions help you maintain total production traceability, vital in controlling costs if quality issues occur.