Our unique Brandshield capsule printing technology creates unit dose branding and is an effective anti-counterfeit prevention solution for all capsule-based products. Brandshield allows for two colors to be printed, both on the cap and the body of the capsule. Thus, you can print your brand and product logos, and names directly on the capsule. Besides, it also supports 360 band printing.


Our Brandshield holographic printing technology for blister packing film is difficult to reproduce, making them a robust anti-counterfeiting solution for your pharmaceutical products. And since the film can be used with your existing blister packing equipment, no additional investment is required to start using this technology.


Our blister packing machines come with a capsule orientation option, making it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate your product. In addition, it makes your product more visually appealing and improves its perceived value. Compare the appearance of blister packs, with and without orientation, to see the difference!


Our VeriShield Track & Trace solutions minimize shipping and receiving discrepancies, improve recall efficiency, and effectively help prevent counterfeiting and misbranding. Our fully integrated hardware and software solutions support multiple-country Track & Trace regulations, help deliver your product faster, and offer greater supply network visibility. These solutions also help create brand differentiation and build brand loyalty.