• Patented ZRO technology from ACG Engineering
  • Designed for minimum dusting and yield enhancements
  • Precise slug dosing principle ensures high fill accuracy
  • Accurate micro dosing capability of up to 15 mg
  • ZRO technology is ideal for difficult formulations such as – powders with high percentage of fines, sticky, fluffy, hygroscopic, heat sensitive, free flowing and inconsistent powders
  • Seamless integration with Accura – 100% capsule checkweighers
  • Available with capabilities for multiple dosage combinations such as powders, pellets, tablets, micro tablets, softgel and capsule-in-capsule filling options
  • Intuitive interface with IPC with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and easy to operate touch screen
  • Conforms to cGMP guidelines
  • Guaranteed increase in yield and hence savings and productivity
  • Increased yield over conventional principles
  • Precise control over weight variation
  • Reduces cleaning time by 50%
  • Designed to reduce time spent for changeovers
  • Offers best in class TCO and OEE