• Suitable for highly potent and toxic formulations requiring an Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) levels of up OEL 5
  • Isolator structure including RTP ports, HEPA filters, Glove ports, and accurate dosing mechanisms
  • Wet in Place (WIP) system to ensure wetting of all loose particulates in the pharmazone
  • Capable of filling tablets and pellets in capsule under containment conditions
  • Capable of encapsulating oncological, biopharmaceuticals, anti-virals, cytotoxic and other high potency compounds
  • Reduced formulation loss and minimum leftover
  • Designed to prevent any surface and air borne contamination
  • WIP ensures environment and operator safety from the formulation residue
  • Line machines (metal detector and de-duster) in isolators for minimum leakage during machine operations
  • From small scale production to large sized batches (6000 - 40,000 cap/hr)