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Business success isn’t a matter of chance.

Sometimes, achieving scale and efficiency is a matter of a well-concerted plan that brings together the right things, at the right time. At ACG, we leverage the combined benefits of our products (capsules, films and foils) and services (engineering and inspection) to help businesses stay opportunity-ready.


Counterfeit pharmaceutical products are a huge problem in many markets. Besides being a serious health hazard, they can damage the reputation of genuine brands. Our innovative solutions can ensure that your brand is shielded against such discrepancies....

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Cost saving

By reducing production costs, you can improve process efficiencies at every stage of manufacturing. With decades of experience behind us, we can help you optimize your processes, reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Top-of-the-line product quality is a combination of optimized materials, equipment and processes. Our products and services help you ensure that your internal quality standards are high and that your customers get nothing but the best.

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For many of our customers, sourcing capsules and capsule-filling machines from the same supplier makes the whole manufacturing process a lot more streamlined and efficient. That's why our end-to-end solutions are transforming the sourcing policies of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers across the world.

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Acquiring the right solution at the right time and price is crucial for many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers. Our configuration and customization options can help you solve your unique business challenges.

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Product Innovation Stories

Our innovation programs combine internal research and expertise with a proactive technology acquisition program. This strategy can help you make the most of the now and stay ready for the future.

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Process Advice

Having delivered over 17,000 processing machines to date, there's a lot we've learned along the way. Our advisors will be more than happy to share these insights to help you improve your manufacturing processes.

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Packaging Advice

With an installed base of over 3,000 packaging machines, our engineering team has in-depth knowledge about every stage of the packaging process.

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