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Lab Model Coating Machines

The Multi Pan Coating technology is designed for research and development to pilot scale applications in the same machine, making scale up simple. Lab model coating machines is suitable for film and sugar coating tablets. Special design sintered drums are available for pellet coating applications. Choice of drums range from 2 Liters, 9 Liters, 24 Liters and 56 Liters. This allows you to handle the small quantity of 750 gms to the pilot scale of 30Kg inside the same machine.

Salient features of the machine:

  • Optimized scale up: same level of PLC control system with data storage as on production models, thus making scale up to production levels easy
  • Eliminates spray drying and enhances coating efficiency
  • Enables shortest possible process times
  • Aqueous or solvent process of tablets/pellets
  • Drum change in formula one time, designed for fast change over

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