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Suppository & Unit Dose Films


PVC/PE or Tripac (PVC/PE/PVdC) film laminates with unique sealable/peelable composites and are available in random print, register print or distortion print versions. Various structures from PVC/PE laminate incorporating with PVdC and EVOH layers provide barrier to moisture and oxygen and better performance on machine.

Unit Dose Films

Cater to the growing needs in the 'use & throw packaging' solutions where barrier to oxygen and water vapor ingress, easy thermoformability, twist open features and printability are essential. It can be used in variety of applications to pack liquid & semi liquid pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, agrochemicals, beverages, condiments, health and beauty care products. To name a few the films come in various generic structures such as APET/PE, APET/EVOH/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE, PS/PE, PP/PA/PP, PVC/PE and specialty structures such as PP/Barex and Quattro.