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Immaculid is yet another innovative solution by ACG Pharmapack. It has been developed as lidding material for pharmaceutical and other blister packaging applications combining the age old versatility of paper and excellent water barrier properties of PVDC. It serves as an alternative to AL foil lidding especially in cases where the drugs are being packed in blister packs made out of PVC. Immaculid provides moisture barrier which is equivalent to PVC and can be used to pack drugs where the ultra high barrier of AL foil is not needed. Immaculid also seals very well to APET blisters providing a sustainable packaging platform.

Immaculid® - Features & Benefits:

  • Superior strength of paper with barrier properties of PVDC – optimum blister push through force
  • Customized water vapor barrier equivalent to PVC
  • Excellent sealing to PVC & APET blisters - suitable for flat sealing and rotary sealing applications
  • Easy painless changeover to Immaculid from AL lidding foil. No major changes in machine parameters
  • Superior aesthetics with up to 4 color customized printing with and without eye mark. Also available in 4 color half tone printing and anticounterfeit features with optical design
  • Meets with relevant global regulatory standards
  • Cost effective solution with no loss in barrier properties as compared to AL lidding on PVC blisters. Can also be suitably used as pouching material
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical packaging, nutraceutical packaging, vials packaging, prefilled syringe and other healthcare packaging, dry food packaging, snacks packaging.