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ACG Pharmapack offers an award winning innovative thermoformable film. These films combine the looks of Aluminum and the yield and machinability of PVC. It offers the customer a choice of using Alukbliss where the barrier properties of CFB are not needed but the appealing looks are important. Alukbliss is available with customizable barrier properties. It is also available with ACG Pharmapack's patented Brandshield Technology and can also be used for self sealing suppository application

Alukbliss - Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent thermoformability
  • Mimics the eye catching looks of CFB
  • Same yield as regular PVC
  • Customizable barrier properties
  • Suitable for regular as well as deep draw cavities
  • Suitable for pharma, suppository, food and industrial packaging requirements
  • Winner of the World Star Packaging Award 2013

Recommended Processing Conditions:

Temperature: 90 Deg C – 110 Deg C (Top and Bottom Plate)

Sealing Temperature: 150 Deg C

Representative PamPac Machine Suitable for Alukbliss/CFB: BQS, B45, Tropac