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Conserve 360

Conserve while you produce

We live in world which has two main components i.e. Biotic or living component and Abiotic or non-living component. At the rate at which we are commercializing globally, we tend to forget that the former part of environment gets disturbed with the usage of modern technologies and equipments. These equipments are made user-friendly and also, environment-friendly but the mechanism with which these machines are cleaned use litres of water each day and pollute the environment.

Many industries are in the process of manufacturing products that use a lot of water for the production and cleaning processes. One of the major industries in today's world is the pharmaceutical industry. In this GMP Guidelines are very stringent when it comes to washing of containers and bins. To ensure compliance and cleaning levelthat meets with the norms specified, a lot of water is used. As a consequence, water bills are high. In such environment, ACG Pharma Technologies, introduces a revolutionary product - Conserve 360, an innovative solution for all bin washing purposes.

Conserve 360 is designed according to the needs of the user and also keeping in mind the environmental issues. Conserve 360 in itself is a self cleaning system which comes with a flow switch to ensure 100% water drain. The machine is European designed and with optimal geometric surface, which ensures that no water is collected at the end of process. This well-designed equipment ensures that all the aspects of bin washing like accumulation of water in bin lid, cleaning of butterfly valves and dead zones in the bin are addressed thoroughly.

Conserve 360 is easy and reliable with minimum manual intervention. It is a multi-purpose machine with 2D & 3D Bar code Scanner (Recording and tracking cleaning of each bin), Online Conductivity Measurement and GAMP5 Risk based approach with track and trace facility.

Its compact design and X·ONE Command concept makes this machine easy to use. Special nozzles with high pressure jet technology, 100% cGMP, Phase wise approach and water recirculation technique are few key features.  

Conserve 360, is a unique washing system that provides a 360 degree cleaning experience in minimum floor space. It washes up to 100 bins per day, with 1 bin/2 bins washed simultaneously. With 80lt/min discharge and 70 bar discharge pressure huge savings in water consumption and utility is surely to be observed.

Hence, with this cutting edge technology, greater savings of water, electricity and reduced environmental pollution is ensured. With High Pressure and High Impact, Conserve 360 promises to save both your money and the environment.