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ACG Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Fluid Bed Processors & Coating Systems

ACG Pharma Technologies is a manufacturer of world-class fluid bed equipment (FBE), advanced tablet coating systems and granulators. The company’s range of fluid bed processors provide cost-effective solutions for standard applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and feed industries. These FBEs are versatile in processes including batch granulation, agglomeration of powder products, top spray film coating and batch drying of moist substances. In addition, the advanced tablet coating systems offer high-level of efficiency, handling, process security and savings. From its state-of-art manufacturing facility near Pune, India, the company offers one stop solution for R&D, pilot and production-scale applications.

ACG Pharma will be displaying the following products at P-MEC India 2015:

  • Quest FB II

    The next generation lab unit for granulation and wurster coating is with unique non-vented, pressure shock resistant design. The option for Top spray comes with 3L, 6L, 9L & 12 L. Bottom Spray comes with 4L and 6L. 6L and 9L Top spray container can be used for 4L and 6L Bottom spray option with ease. Flexible modular design helps in navigating this machine in tight corners in room. This machine comes with X•ONE Command system and has ATEX certified design. Quest FB II has many design features like removable filter cartridge in contained manner, easy to load and unload product from bowl, easy monitoring of critical parameters online etc. This design closely follows X•ONE Philosophy of aesthetics along with safety and performance.
  • SecureCoat TCM

    ACG Pharma Technologies s well established product Quest TC III is now in containment option. An OEL 4 compliant system with completely automated loading and unloading. It forms part of ACG's SECURA series. Secura TCM has made current Quest FB III more robust in in terms of contained application, but keeping all favorite options and flexibility offered by TCM. This machine comes with 4 interchangeable pans of 4L, 9L, 24 L and 56 L.
  • Conserve 360

    Conserve 360 is a very high technology and extremely cost effective solution for all your cleaning and validation needs, yet another quality product from ACG Pharma Technologies. It is specially designed for high speed production of up to 100 bins/day at a 1/3rd operating cost compared to conventional methods using patented European high pressure jet technology. We understand the difficulties faced by our customers when it comes to cleaning and validation. Conserve 360 design is oriented precisely around the needs of the user, offering comprehensive help to make every task simple and straightforward. 100% GMP compliant design and this design is also GAMP 5 compliant. Its X•ONE Command concept, not only makes the machine smart but also gives you a total control over the process. Elegantly finished European design housing with optimal geometric surface ensures dead zone free cleaning.
  • FBC 500 X-ONE

    A new offering in Production Scale unit for Wurster coating from ACG Pharma Technologies containing is with unique non-vented, pressure shock resistant design. This FBC1800 X-ONE comes with largest and most advanced 6 column Wurster ever built. It maintains the tradition of stable ratios between up- and down-bed areas over all machine sizes and therefore prepares the ground for easy production scale up. X•ONE family gives unique compactness and identity to this unit in terms of aesthetics and ease of operation. It is equipped with SCHLICK high performance bottom spray nozzles with HS nozzle shields for improved process efficiencies, higher spray rates and reduced process times. Center discharge system for closed loop direct discharge. When opened the product flows through the product transfer pipe to the discharge port outlet located on the lower section of the product container. The discharging is assisted by a pneumatic conveying system (PCS).