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B max + Vektor + Matrix

Trio combo makes the process of packaging easy and faster.

B max - Blister Packing Machine:

B max - Blister Packing Machine

B max is a flat forming flat sealing blister packing machine. The blister attains a cavity depth of 12mm due to compressed air flat forming technology. The compact drive of the machine enables unique rotary pick and place combined with reject and overflow functions. The high speed pick and place enables placement of blister in rejection bin (Faulty Blister) or on link-up\over-flow conveyor (Good Blister). Pinhole detection, camera inspection, product recovery, PRC, over printing, embossing and perforation are optional choices that enhances the flexibility and capability of the machine. The servo based technology enables Precision, Speed, Power, and position time control reducing changeover time to average of 45mins. Edge to Edge cutting of blisters minimizes the loss of packaging material.


Vektor - Cartoning Machine

B max - Blister Packing Machine

With Vektor, the cartoning process get simpler and easier. Vektor is a cartoning machine suitable for blisters, tubes, bottles and cosmetic products. Ideal for single/multiple blisters in carton the Vektor provides an ideal small foot print solution. Capable of meeting norms of security assured cartons, the Vektor can handle tuck-in and glue-in cartons, leaflet folding and insertion, multiple choices of online inspection, all in a 3 meter length. Servo driven pusher, pre-pusher and indexing gives an output of 90 cartons per minute. The balcony style design reduces the time and energy in cleaning and thus is user-friendly.


Matrix - Stretch Banding Machine

B max - Blister Packing Machine

The Matrix is a stretch banding machine for bundling multiple cartons to form a single pack. This machine can attain speed up to 30 cycles per minute depending on carton and stack size. Cartons are fed through conveyor belt. The sensors detect product jamming and the adjustable guide plate accommodates different lengths of product. Small in-feed conveyor with a motorized top support roller assembly gives positive feed to collation mechanism. Collation assembly is servo driven, to form desired single lane matrix for unitization. Pusher mechanism to push the formed matrix through banding film is also driven by servo motor. Film cutting and sealing station too is servo controlled. This cGMP compliant machine requires less maintenance and is very easy to clean.