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ACG Pam Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Encapsulation Machines, Tablet Compression Systems and Tablet Tooling

ACG Pam, the flagship engineering company of ACG Worldwide, offers solutions in solid dosage systems, from high-speed tablet compression machines to unique capsule fillers capable of filling powders, pellets, tablets and liquids in hard gelatin capsules. Also known as one of the largest Asian pharmaceutical machinery companies, ACG Pam also manufactures special-grade tablet tooling and end-of-line solutions like case packers. Backed by ACG Worldwide, its 50 years of experience and R&D, ACG Pam constantly challenges itself to innovate and bring the best to the global pharmaceutical industry.

ACG Pam will be displaying the following products at P-MEC India 2015:

  • Protab 300

    Protab 300 is a single-rotary tablet compression press best suited for pilot batches and small-scale manufacturing. This offering from ACG-Pam, the flagship engineering company of ACG Worldwide, ensures high uptime with quick changeover and yield optimization mechanisms, greater savings with integrated systems and a long life. Plus, the Protab 300 offers single tablet sorting capabilities for consistently high-quality production and best-in-class ergonomics built with a user-centric design philosophy.
  • ZRO90T

    The ZRO 90T is a high-yield capsule-filling machine, built in with ACG’s patented innovation - ZRO technology. The technology controls dusting by containing the dust within the filling area, thereby improving yield and minimizing precious changeover time. With an output of up to 90,000 capsules per hour, the ZRO 90T is also capable of micro-dosing till up to 15 mg. This precise and improved micro-dosing also prevents weight variation, reducing rejection rate and ensuring good yield. The versatility of the machine goes beyond powders to filling pellets, tablets and capsules into capsules of any size.
  • Accura 100FF

    Accura - the 100% capsule checkweigher - is designed for precise, automatic, and continuous weighing of every hard capsule in empty, filled or partial-filled state. Featuring the EMFR weigh cell technology from Germany, Accura utilizes the latest in mechanical as well as digital technology to ensure that the output is of highest quality.
  • GK72

    The new GK72 softgel encapsulation line is the result of more than forty years of Pharmagel experience in softgel manufacturing. This experience combined with ACG-Pam’s excellence in engineering has given the necessary know-how to develop machines at the highest level of quality.
  • Visitab 2C

    Visitab 2C is an offering from the world leaders in product inspection technology - Proditec, France - combined with ACG-Pam’s engineering finesse. The Visitab 2C is a truly complete visual tablet inspection machine. With a quick changeover design, user friendly GUI, accurate rejection mechanism and most importantly the capability to check several types of tablet defects, the Visitab 2 lets you rest assured about tablet quality.
  • Tabsule

    Introducing end-to-end Gel enrobed tablet technology that allows you to enrobe the tablet creating single or two-toned color dosage. This results in a preferred dosage that is tamper evident, attractive looking and having quick dissolution times. Not to mention the opportunity it provides you to differentiate your brand in a cluttered market. What’s more ACG’s value chain provides everything required to manufacture this unique technology.
  • FPC 3EL

    Horizontal high speed wrapping machine for pharmaceutical and allied products in fin seal (pillow pack) The FPC3EL can be supplied with specific feeding systems for direct synchronization to the production lines. A combination with downstream packaging machines is also possible.