Films & Foils

ACG offers a varied portfolio of packaging films and foils - from low to high barrier to meet specific barrier requirements of the global pharmaceutical and packaging industry. The entire manufacturing area complies with cGMP norms along with coating, lamination and slitting facilities under Class 100,000. Our pharmaceutical-grade barrier packaging films that are manufactured right from PVC resin to the calendaring/slitting stage. Not only does this guarantee consistent quality, but it also ensures traceability of every batch supplied.

Specialty Packaging Films



USP: Innovative thermoformable film combines the look of aluminum with the yield and machinability of PVC films.

Features and benefits

  • Mimics the eye-catching looks of CFB (cold film barrier)
  • Available in bronze, silver and golden colors
  • Customizable barrier properties
  • Winner of IndiaStar, AsiaStar & WorldStar Packaging Awards for Innovative Packaging
  • Suitable for regular as well as deep-draw cavities
  • Suitable for pharma, suppository, food and industrial packaging requirements


USP: Laminated Films with Unique Sealable or Peelable Composites

Features and benefits

  • PVC/PE, PVC/PVdC/PE, Alu foil Base laminates 
  • Available in unique sealable and peelable forms
  • Offers increased barrier to moisture and oxygen
  • Resistant to high temperature filling


USP: High barrier packaging film suitable for unit dose packaging

Features and benefits

  • Custom-designed structure to meet barrier requirements
  • Capability to offer printed or unprinted unit dose films
  • An ideal option for trial packs, test marketing and product launches
  • Can be used in variety of applications to pack liquid & semi-liquid pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, agrochemicals, beverages, condiments and health and beauty care products
  • Offers excellent resistance to aggressive liquids, solvents and chemicals


USP: Pharma-grade paper coated with PVdC

Features and benefits

  • An alternative to lidding aluminum foil where drugs are packed in a blister packs made out of PVC
  • Superior strength of paper with barrier properties of PVdC
  • Available in different barrier variants
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical packaging, dry food packaging & snacks packaging
  • Multiple-color printing options available


USP: Ideal for packaging of refrigerated or microwaveable food products where fog or mist builds up on the inside of the lidding material.

Features and benefits

  • High clarity thermoformable laminate
  • High barrier to moisture as well as oxygen
  • Offers excellent anti-fog or anti-mist properties

Branding solutions



USP: A packaging film with advanced anti-counterfeiting and brand differentiating properties.

Features and benefits

  • Available in clear, colored and metallic versions
  • Differential grated embedded image film
  • Enhance the company brand image while providing an eye-catching appeal.
  • Works well with existing equipment
  • Suitable for regular, medium-draw as well as deep-draw applications

High-barrier Packaging Films

Aclar Laminates - Lowers packaging costs, improves flexibility and increases overall profitability

ULTRASAFE - Ultra high barrier nextgen PVdC films

SecuPac - PCTFE-based composite packaging film that provides superior barrier against moisture.

Conventional Packaging Films

Ecopac® - Plasticizer-free calendared rigid PVC film

Dupac® - PVC films coated with high-performance PVdC provides moderate to high moisture & oxygen barrier

Tripac® - Provides improved barrier and thermoforming properties for deep and large cavity blister packs.

APET ® - Ideal for applications such as blister packs, trays and other thermoformable items.

Aluminum Packaging Films

ALUMPACK-GDO - It provides all the benefits of a complete barrier cold-form material at a competitive cost.

ALUMPACK-RM - Premium-grade regulatory compliant cold-form based foil.

ALUMLID-GD -ALUMLID-GDO is a fully-functional push-through blister lidding that’s suitable as lidding foil for thermo as well as cold-formed blisters.

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