Over the years, ACG has emerged as one of the world's largest enterprises providing manufacturing, packaging and R&D technologies to the pharmaceutical industry. we partner with our clients to provide them with the most advanced and customized manufacturing and packaging machineries.

Tableting machines

Protab 300 – The new tableting platform

ProtabTM 300 – The new tableting platform

USP: A single-rotary tablet compression press best suited for pilot batches and small-scale manufacturing.

Features and benefits

  • Ensures high yield optimization mechanisms (Feeder leftover less than 50 g)
  • Ensures high uptime with quick changeover (Mechanical changeover within 30 minutes)  
  • Durable, rugged and reliable medium speed press
  • Plug and Play design
  • Offers single tablet sorting capabilities for consistently high-quality production
  • instAmend Technology for Sticking and Picking rectification
  • Best-in-class ergonomics built with a user-centric design philosophy
Tablet tooling

Tablet tooling

USP: High precision, high impact dies and punches

Description - Power-packed yet precise tools for high-speed tabletting machines. The tools can be of D, B, BB and BBs types.

Features and benefits

  • Superior accuracy and durability
  • Enhanced productivity
Tableting machines

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