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Partners & Alliances

ACG works together with world leaders, to deliver better end-value to the customer.

At ACG Worldwide, the symbiotic relationships we've built and maintained with global industry leaders is a subject of immense pride to us. These partnerships and alliances are in the form of a joint venture, technical collaborations or business association but each one has allowed us to innovate, develop new breakthrough technologies, and more importantly offer our customers the biggest benefit in the form of reliable and high-technology solutions.

Some of the companies ACG Worldwide has formed alliances with are Honeywell, Sarong, Theegarten-Pactec, amongst a host of others. All established leaders in their own right and unique in their own remarkable way, provide us an opportunity to create, produce and market offerings that complement the ACG's commitment to its customers, not just in its headquarter country but across the global landscape as well.

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