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End of Lines Solutions

End of line packaging is tertiary packaging that packs already packed products into bigger cases. ACG Worldwide offers Casepacker, which is a single machine that erects cases, collates the products, loads them in the case and seals the case. It helps save manpower cost & floor space.

It can be used for products such as bottles, containers, cartons, tetrapacks, soaps, ampoules, vials, pouches, tubes etc. Case packer finds applications in various industries such as breweries, food, beverages, lubricants, personal care, health care, paints etc.

End of Lines Solutions

Operational Details:
These are fully automatic, servo-controlled, vertical case packers where operations are automatic from case erection, collating of products, loading products in the case to the sealing (taping / gluing) of the case. The entire case packing operation is done on a single, compact machine that requires only one operator. The case packer is balcony construction, the latest operational technology for operation and may be combined with an automatic palletizer.

Products: Can handle various products like blister packs, bottles, cartons, tetrapacks, containers, jars, tubes, tins, cans, pouches, etc. packing them directly in shipper cases.

Pharmaceuticals, breweries, food, beverages, lubricants, paints, chemicals, personal care, home care, etc.

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