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Camera Inspection Systems

Camera inspection systems from ACG are designed to inspect quality aspects in both solid and liquid dosage forms, which were performed by the naked eye. These systems have a complex internal design and an easy external structure, and their development and deployment use the latest technology to effectively counter the limitations of the human eye.

The pharmaceutical industry has benefited extensively from camera inspection systems; the need for quality is growing enormously due to the surmounting international regulatory pressures.

Some of the key products already operational in top-of-the-line pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad are:

  • Blister Tablet/Capsule Inspection System with Product Recovery
  • Bar Code Verification System for Cartonators
  • Batch Code (Expiry Date, Batch No.) Verification System for Cartons
  • Stickers Label Inspection Systems for Liquid Line
  • Ampoule Blister Inspection Systems for Liquid Line
  • Micro-tablet Inspection Systems for Disc based Fillers
  • Complete Single Point Control Tablet/Capsule production line Inspection Systems
  • Print Verification Systems
  • Surface Defect Inspection in Films
  • Counterfeit Prevention System

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