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Fluid Bed Equipments

The ACG Pharma Technologies fluid bed processor is an advanced technology that has benefited numerous customers. This single pot technology has changed the conventional method of granulation into a more safe, contained and quality process with increased yields. Thus Fluid Bed Equipment (FBE) can replace Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG), Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD), Multi-mill and blender.

Any conventionally granulated product can be adapted to fluid bed granulation using ACG Pharma Technologies Fluid Bed Equipment, thus extending its suitability to all customers. ACG Pharma Technologies has got around 500 processor installations in its markets, producing hundreds of formulations.

ACG Pharma Technologies has more than a decade of experience with fluid bed wet granulation. The process ACG Pharma Technologies technology division consists of a skilled team of pharmacists with vast expertise in fluid bed formulation and processing techniques. The ACG Pharma Technologies team has helped in numerous formulation development process and adapting them to the fluid bed technology.

Switch over to ACG Pharma Technologies' fluid bed granulation technology and benefit from its vast experience.

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