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ACG North America is the U.S. subsidiary of ACG Worldwide, offering a full range of solutions to the pharmaceutical, OTC and dietary supplement industries to the biggest economy in the world.

ACG has been selling its products in North America since 1999. For the past decade, the company has marketed its capsules under the Universal Capsules brand and its machines under the PAM USA brand, selling to hundreds of North American companies and building a reputation for quality and technical excellence at cost effective pricing.

ACG North America was established to reinforce ACG's commitment to the North American market and to serve the markets of U.S., Canada and Mexico. The full range of products is now sold under the ACG North America brand, which maintains and continuously strives to exceed the quality and consistency associated with Universal Capsules and PAM USA. A full-fledged office with a sales and service support team and a warehouse infrastructure, speaks volumes of ACG's commitment to these important world markets.

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ACG North America LLC
229 Durham Ave., South Plainfield, NJ 07080

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E-mail : sales.acgna@acg-world.com

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