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ACG Worldwide as a conglomerate with its strong engineering legacy, coupled with research and innovation incorporated ACG Inspection Systems, creates machine vision systems that don't just meet, but effectively surpass industry standards.

ACG Inspection (ACG-I) offers to the world 'vision technologies' to cater to the inspection needs of the pharmaceutical industry who are consistently experiencing new heights of improved quality wave with every passing hour. ACG-I products are designed to inspect quality aspects in both solid and liquid dosage forms which are usually performed by the naked eye. These camera systems have a complex design and structure; their development and deployment uses the latest technology to effectively counter the limitations of the human eye.

Our focus area is the pharmaceutical industry, whose quality requirements are growing enormously due to the surmounting international regulatory pressures. Unleash the vision expertise potential of ACG-I to experience the change in improving your product's quality by joining us now.

ACG Inspection Systems is your indispensable tool to guarantee brand quality and security.

Address :
ACG Inspection Systems Pvt. Ltd.
7 Prabhat Nagar, Jogeshwari (west), Mumbai - 400 102, Maharashtra, India

Tel. No. :
+91-22-3046 2833

Fax No. :
+91-22-3046 2975

E-mail : sales.inspection@acg-world.com

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