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Service EngineerMumbai, India4-10 Years

Job Id : J201910011

Company : AVL

Grade : M08

Qualification : BE (Mechanical / Electronics, Electrical)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Define go-to-market strategy, manage all aspects of product sales marketing including product enhancements, competitive analysis, sales forecast and product positioning
  • Responsible for Mailer campaigns, write-ups, presentations to customers. 
  • Work out paybacks, technical sheets, drawings, etc to customers. 
  • Analyze latest marketing trends, track competitor activities, provide valuable inputs for fine tuning sales & marketing strategies 
  • Work closely and regularly with the PM Team to ensure product reach to the preselected customers. 
  • Set priorities of customer visits based on business potential
  • Technical analysis of competitor products, pricing & product enhancement strategies, 
  • Will be responsible to give feedback to principals and report to the PM/HOD on the product penetration and improvements in products on a regular basis 
  • Overview of logistics & product delivery
  • Accountable for the entire region with the support of his key account managers /PM
  • Responsible for the collective sales targets of his key account manager
  • Keeps a track of the business progress of various products, performance of various customers as per the set targets.
  • Support or be responsible for the commercial discussion & sales closing at customers.
  • Responsible for branding of ACG & its products with senior people of the customers 
  • Ensures that all customer needs and demands are well & timely met thereby removing any obstacles towards building business.
  • Has to closely work / coordinate with Sales, co-ordination teams, service team to ensure customer delight.

Key Competencies Required:

  • Ability to communicate and develop relationship with the buying cycle
  • Ability to understand the buying process for capital equipment
  • Ability to develop new markets, countries and selection of Agents 
  • Ability to create and sustain value to the customers


Service EngineerMumbai, India3-5 yrs

Job Id : J201910008

Company : ACGI

Grade : M09

Qualification : B.E. Electronics / Instrumentation

Job Responsibilities:

  • To install & commission various Vision applications in market / customer sites.
  • Customer Care, timely & proper service to customer.
  • Collect the information on competitor’s machine.
  • Attend to customer critical complaints.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with regular interaction.
  • Validate & develop the product as per customer’s requirement.
  • To help organization to improve our product quality by giving feedback to design for improvements.

Key Competencies Required:

  • Process Orientation
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Customer Support & Training
  • Validation
  • Documentation