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Values and Beliefs

Businesses prosper and survive not only because of what they do, but also because of how they do it.

The 'means' by which a business operates is governed by certain fundamental values and beliefs existing within the business. This inturn is derived from the ethics and principles of the founders and the people involved in the start up of the business.

VALUES, BELIEFS, ETHICS and PRINCIPLES are the touchstones of a business. They form the fundamental attributes to which people relate. They are what cause people to be loyal, to love the company and to give of their unselfish best.

We would like to share with you the "Beliefs" dear to us at ACG Worldwide that we hope you will also value and honour and pass on to the people who work with you.

  • We believe that it is our duty to contribute to the prosperity and the progress of our nation. We will manufacture products that help in improving the health of our population . We will improve our country's image and economy through exports and import substitution. We will work for the social upliftment of the community wherever we are located.
  • We have had a long and close association with the pharmaceutical industry and we will endeavour to remain a key supplier of products and services to them.
  • We believe that we must constantly interact with our customers to learn how we can serve them better. We will make certain that people from all parts of our organization are exposed to such interaction.
  • We will continually invest in quality improvements to ensure that our products and services are on par with rising customer expectations and equal to international standards.
  • We will always treat whomsoever we do business with, in a just and fair manner and as equals.
  • Our business strategy is to maintain our leadership in the domestic market and to strive for leadership in the international market.
  • We believe that it is in the long-term interest of our business to optimize productivity by various means available to us.
  • We will place our products in specific market segments, use fair pricing, carefully control costs and strive for excellence and innovation in products, quantity and service to command a premium for our products.
  • During work we will try to behave like one family, where each member is treated with dignity, trust and respect.
  • We firmly believe that an open culture and participative style of management works well for us.
  • We believe in being impartial and unbiased. We recruit people based on merit, reward people based on performance and promote people based on ability.
  • We believe that the most valuable resource we have is the combined strengths of our people working for a common purpose. With this in mind, we will structure jobs so that they provide challenge and develop individual capability, offer opportunities of job rotation and continually expose people to new thoughts and ideas to augment their knowledge and skills.
  • We truly believe in and value the creative talents of our people. This has been the key to our success in the past and we greatly rely on internal talent to develop the technology and systems needed to keep us competitive in future.
  • We will always have a close regard and concern for the welfare of our people and their families.
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