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Our most important resources are our people and ACG Worldwide is proud of its world-class human resource practices.

There are ample opportunities for an individual to flourish in the ACG organization. ACG assists its employees in their career growth. With an easy understanding and transparent procedure for recruiting, inducting, training, appraisal, promoting and career-developing ACG employees deliver world-class results.

A thorough orientation is conducted for new employees. A senior manager is assigned as a mentor for individual newcomers and guides them for the first three months, orienting them with organizational culture and values.

ACG Worldwide provides extensive training through in-house programs as well as programs conducted by invited faculty. Personnel heads/company heads can sponsor candidates for such programs.

ACG has a clearly stated promotion policy, which addresses various related issues. It describes promotion and the parameters for an employee to be considered for promotion. It specifies the increasing job complexities with regard to the abilities of an employee. The policy clearly defines the types and degrees of complexities that must be taken into account for promotion.

Welfare and Benefits
ACG Worldwide has several policies that benefit its employees and their families. These include accident insurance, loans, usage of company guesthouses and vehicles, service awards, etc.

Self-Development Programs
All companies of the ACG Worldwide Group encourage self-development to help employees effectively handle their present assignments and to prepare them for increased responsibilities in the future. Employees are partially reimbursed for the costs of receiving additional qualifications from reputed educational institutions.

Communication Meetings and Entertainment
This policy has been established to create an opportunity for department members to discuss issues they face with their Heads Of Department (HOD), in a friendly atmosphere that helps build team spirit. These communication meetings are held monthly. Employees and their families also participate in regular get-togethers, which promote a sense of belonging and foster teamwork.

Career with ACG
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