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We have been very pleased to visit this factory of Associated Capsules. The enthusiasm, the ingenuity, the wisdom of discussions...   more

  • Dr. A. M. Sallam


I have "known" ASSOCIATED CAPSULES for many years but this is the first time I have visited the plant...   more

  • Gordan J. Malpine

Vice President
Merck Sharp and Dohme International, USA

We were very much impressed with what we saw during the visit to your plant, and your overall approach to management...   more

  • Ronald N. Flores

Managing Director
Arthur Anderson & Co.,
Geneva, Switzerland

An incredible achievement - an example of a company...   more

  • W. H. Chapman

Regional Director
Asia Abbott Laboratories

Basically I find it difficult to believe that such a young company has been able to achieve your rate of progress...   more

  • Jim Bannerman

Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

I was most impressed by the high level of technology developed by the Associated Capsules...   more

  • Takau Higuchi

University of Kansas

This is a magnificent plant which seems to be vibrating with innovative
ideas...   more

  • S. M. Chitre

Prof. of Astrophysics Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

"Working on 'Gandhi' had a very personal reward for me. I met such lovely people doing...    more

  • Rani Dube

Co-producer of the film 'GANDHI'

I am pleasantly surprised to observe the high technology operated by Associated Capsules group here in Bombay...   more

  • Chief Bayo Dgunyem

National President Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria

It is a great privilege for me to meet you and visit your company...   more

  • Sayed Ahmed

Dy. Health Minister
Ministry of Public health, Kabul,

I have known the Singh family for over twenty years. In early 1963, Mr. Daljit Singh visited us and introduced Cipla to Associated Capsules...   more

  • Y K Hamied

Managing Director
Cipla, 289, Bellasis Rd., Mumbai - 8

The resulting conclusion that this is a smoothly running organization with common purpose and high morale...   more

  • Dr. Pearson Hunt

Professor Emeritus,
Harvard Business School, Boston, U.S.A.

All of us were impressed by the many innovations apparent in your organization...   more

  • Victor E Millar

Managing Partner, Arthur Andersen & Co.,
Chicago, U.S.A.

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