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Awards & Recognition

After 50 years of continuous team effort, ACG Worldwide has become a name to reckon with in the pharmaceutical industry. Various organizations have awarded and recognized us on numerous occasions. ACG Worldwide is headed by distinguished personalities, but any recognition received by them is an award shared by all ACG employees.

ACG Worldwide companies have received the OPPI Best Vendor awards on multiple occasions. ACG Worldwide has been a frequent recipient of the "Best Employer" award from the Maharashtra government. The President of India has lauded ACG's efforts for assimilating physically challenged and under-privileged people into the organization. As a result, ACG was presented the "Outstanding Employer" award for the physically challenged.

The company's management was invited by the government to make a special presentation on employment policies at the Tripartite Labour Conference in Delhi. The presentation, a rare honour for a private sector company, was presented to public sector heads, union leaders and government officials.

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