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ACG Worldwide has been serving the pharmaceutical industry for five decades and is the second largest manufacturer of empty hard capsules in the world. The group comprises of 13 companies, including subsidiaries in China, USA, Indonesia, Brazil and Europe.

ACG Worldwide has a presence in over 100 countries with its products and services, employing approximately 3,200 members that strive to provide world-class technology across multiple domains. We offer a complete range of solutions beginning with empty capsules; granulation and coating; capsule filling; tabletting; packaging films; blister packing and carton packing to the end-of-line solutions. With over 20,000 machine installations worldwide, it speaks lengths of the high quality standards we follow at ACG as well as complying with major international quality certifications or legislations.

ACG Worldwide is committed to a core corporate competence. Our research teams strive to develop innovative technology in order to continually give our customers the benefit of a cost competitive edge plus world-class technology. 'SciTech Centre', the group's 50,000 sq. ft. R & D center located in the heart of Mumbai, is a government-recognized research institution. Especially in the last 25 years, it has witnessed breakthroughs in dosage form development-including controlled-release-pharmaceutical engineering, veterinary and agricultural research, emphasizing on delivery systems.

ACG Worldwide. We are your global partners for manufacturing, packaging and R&D solutions.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions
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